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Howard Marten Process Systems provides a vast array of auxiliary systems supporting the operation of critical equipment in the petro-chemical industries. Supported by an engineering department with hundreds of years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of these systems, each package is custom-designed to conform to the most stringent end-user, customer, ISO, and American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications.

Some of the products supplied to the industry are:

  • For Screw, Gear and High Speed reciprocating Compressors: Lubrication systems, Control Oil systems, Seal Oil systems, and Gas Seal panels
  • For Pumps: Lubrication systems, Seal barrier fluid systems
  • For Turbines: Lubrication Systems, Control Oil Systems
  • For Motors & Gearboxes: Lubrication Systems
  • For Air Separation: Gas Conditioning Skids