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Howard Marten Process Systems’ specialized Engineering Team consists of a highly trained and qualified staff utilizing the latest software tools. As a leader in the lubrication of machinery for the OEM market, our engineering team takes great pride in the complete and innovative solutions provided to our customers.

Our dedicated team of project engineers, project managers, and mechanical & electrical designers, are all driven towards servicing each customer’s specific needs to ultimately develop the best possible product.

Drawing on the team’s diversity and vast experience with each industry’s unique requirements, combined with the extensive knowledge of design considerations for a particular product, our customers regularly benefit from our ability to take their projects from conceptual design through to a functionally reliable, completely packaged finished product.

Through our global presence we have gained extensive experience with a wide variety of international design codes and directives, thereby ensuring compliance with our customers’ specific project requirements regardless of the final destination of the products.

Our complete engineering capabilities include:

  • Prototype product development from concept to full design and manufacturing
  • Custom designs meeting specific project requirements or market needs
  • New product development in cooperation with our clients
  • Full project management, engineering and design services
  • Compliance with national and international codes and directives
  • 2D and detailed 3D design using SolidWorks
  • FEA and stress analysis for components, structure and piping
  • Technical support from project engineering, commissioning, start-up and troubleshooting

The Howard Marten Process Systems engineering team offers a variety of solutions, not just related to machinery lubrication, but also hydraulics, filtration, heating & cooling, and seal fluid systems to name a few. We work closely with our customers on the development of new products, as well as, modifications to existing equipment to provide the most efficient and cost-conscious designs.